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Banned from the Clark County Chatter: The post that did it all.

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Below is a post that got me banned from the Clark County Chatter.

I posted it then woke up to see this the morning after.

[quote name='Not Super But Honest Mike' timestamp='1315189944' post='46843']

Matt, lets get the facts straight. The newspaper story gave the address of 1607 Nole Drive, so I didn’t disclose anything new with the address. The paper also stated the home had been foreclosed on and gave the name of the bank, American ….something. At that time, using the GIS map, it showed  the home belonging to Robbis and Beth. As of 9:50 PM today, it now lists only Robbie’s name. I’m not an expert on forclosures, but it appears the bank still hasn’t transferred the house into the bank’s name. 


Oh how I enjoy our discussions. 

I really wish I could take you to breakfast. As I’ve said, if I could harness the brain power behind that keyboard I could power Vegas for a week. 

As for the thread above, you’ve acknowledged what I said before. 

You took something from the newspaper, which it didn’t feel necessary to disclose the homeowners names, and took it upon yourself to post it. 

What were your motives behind it? I’ve got no idea. Doesn’t really matter to me. 

[quote name='Not Super But Honest Mike' timestamp='1315189944' post='46843']

As to the photo of the kids, the only one that needs to know their names is their high school government class teacher so he can give them extra credit for taking an interest in the lack of a good government in our community.


Um Mike, in order to receive credit from a high school teacher, someone must actually be in highschool.

Again, I support all kinds of activism. I did’t even offer an opinion about them. 

Been in many a protest myself. 

[quote name='Not Super But Honest Mike' timestamp='1315189944' post='46843']

Galligan’s campaign finance records, and anyone that runs for public office, are PUBLIC RECORD. The newspaper runs stories about how much they spend every election, so why is it wrong for me to comment on them?


Mike, after being enrolled in my senior seminar course where my thesis was researching public records, taught by the honorable Jim St. Clair, I believe they may have taught us this. 

Actually, it’s in the preface of the book and taught on day one. 

Is it wrong for you to comment on public records? Absolutely not. 

Is it wrong for you to suggest that someone is committing illegal activity? That’s another question. 

Open records requests are are crucial to open government. 

Every now an then they come with little nuggets of greatness. 

Like the time I filed one for your open records request. It came with you cell phone number. 

(I’m not going to use it, but I sure chuckled to myself when I saw it.)

[quote name='Not Super But Honest Mike' timestamp='1315189944' post='46843']

Phote of Teresa and John. Teresa had said that John was not involved in her campaign, the photo proved otherwise. If I had not posted the photo some people….like you….would have said it wasn’t them putting the sign up. They were 10 feet from a public road, in Jeffersonville, in daylight, wide open for anyone to view when the photos were taken. Not like they were trying to hide anything.


But did you get consent from these individuals Mike?

Per the Site Policies & Terms of Use:

[b][i](iii) that you are making your posting or submission with the express consent of anyone pictured in any material you post or submit[/i][/b]

[quote name='Not Super But Honest Mike' timestamp='1315189944' post='46843']

While talking about photos, I recall that you have used MY PHOTO several times in some of your stupid little photo shop antics and dance BS, without asking permission. I am not a public office holder or candidate for office, so I think you have crossed far more lines than I have crossed. I have never posted a photo of you…nor do I want one on my computer.


Oh, you mean the video that done was done as an ode to you. I merely used a photo, which you chose to upload yourself. I didn’t go out of my home, get in a car, drive down to see you, then post the photograph online. 

It was all in fun. As it said at the end of the video:

“All jokes aside, we both want was is best for Jeffersonville.”

As for you and whether or not you’re public office official, in the open records and fair use sense, is something to be argued. 

A former candidate for office, a former precinct committeemen, constant figure in the public arena etc. 


[quote name='Not Super But Honest Mike' timestamp='1315189944' post='46843']

And I noticed all your comments “in your defence” were about me. I believe that would be concidered by many as cyber-stalking.

Maybe you should start your own forum or blog so you can make your own rules…..on second thought, I insist you start your own as you seem very unhappy on this one.


I believe some people will say that. 

But that sort of begs the question. 

If I’m “cyber stalking” you, then what are you doing to TG?

I’ve got no desire to start my own forum, and I’m sorry you feel that I’m very unhappy with this one. That’s not really the case. This forum, like most forums, has ups and downs.

Download Zach Galifianakis Content in iTunes

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Download Zach Galifianakis Content From iTunes 

Real Questions for Senator Mitch McConnell

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Haven’t blogged for a while but this is too good to pass up.

So, the LEO is conducting some sort of poll. I voted for someone when I realized their submission algorithm.

When you answer a question, in this case, if you had one question to ask Mitch McConnel what would it be, results that started with the same characters as yours that have previously been submitted are suggested to make your choice easy.

So, this is a copy of the list that people actually want to ask Senator Mitch McConnel.

I’ve bolded the really good questions.


  • Why do you suck?
  • do you consider yourself politically savvy or jsut an asshole?
  • How do you still have your job?
  • Why do you hate the American people so much?
  • Do you truly not care about the people in our country?
  • Why don’t you go home to stay?
  • Why don’t you care about the elderly and children?
  • Do you use botox?
  • why do you suck
  • Why do you hate America?
  • How do you like being Obama’s Bitch
  • How do you decorate a closet with a beard?
  • How do sleep at night?
  • How do you sleep at night?
  • Why does it hurt when I pee?
  • What do you do in Washington?
  • Why are you such a douche?
  • Why don’t you lead the republicans in a stronger campaign against overspending?
  • Where do you hide your horns?
  • Why do you never show your teeth?
  • Why are you such a douchebag?
  • Why? To everything you do – WHY?
  • Why do you look like jar jar binx
  • why are you a douche
  • do you have false teeth?
  • Do the other turtles know you escaped?
  • How do like being a modern interpretation of a Jim Henson creation?
  • Don’t you think Elaine needs you more around the house?
  • Why don’t you have a soul?
  • Do your parents also look like turtles?
  • do you ever not lie?
  • Don’t you think it’s about time?
  • when do you retire?
  • Why do you look like a turtle?
  • Do you like making the middle class and poor bend over and take it?
  • Why don’t you just TRY not being a dick for once?
  • Why don’t you retire?
  • Do you actually care for anyone besides yourself?
  • Do you really believe that you speak for the people?
  • do you even care?
  • How do you look in the mirror and not want to punch yourself in the face?
  • Why do you look like the villain from Hannibal?
  • What do you have against a black man being President?
  • Do you realize how much you look like Major Frank Burns from MASH?
  • do you consider yourself politically savvy or just an asshole?
  • what does a gallon of milk cost at kroger?
  • why don’t you die already, Methuselah?
  • Why would you let the US credit rating be downgraded because of your job.
  • Do you have any shame?
  • Why do you hate poor pepole
  • Do you realize that two-thirds of your neighbors regularly vote against you? Isn’t that a clue?
  • What are you going to do in your next career?
  • why do you care more about hurting Obama than helping our country?
  • Why don’t you vote to help the American people, instead of just trying to get rid of Obama?
  • Why do hate KY?
  • How do you sleep peacefully at night?
  • why don’t you simplify tax code and eliminate loopholes?
  • Why do you hate
  • How do you live with yourself?
  • Why don’t you support term limits?
  • Why does your neck look like a vagina?
  • do you donate all of your salary to charity like john yarmuth?
  • Why don’t you leave?
  • How do you hold your head up in public?
  • Why don’t you get out of politics. You have been in office waybtoo long!
  • why don’t you quit politics?
  • Don’t you need a back brace? You have no spine?
  • Do you know how to compromise?
  • why do you embarrass kentucky so?
  • If you hadn’t run for Congress, what do you think you’d be doing today?
  • Why do you hate the arts?
  • who do you think you are?
  • How is your Basset hound doing?
  • Do you really believe what you are saying or do you just think it will get you re-elected?
  • please stay and get r done
  • Why do you suck so bad?
  • Are you Howdy Doody’s son?
  • how much do you pay for healthcare?
  • Why do you look like an old lesbian?
  • going to actually do something to help the people of this state????
  • Do you realize that you look like a turtle?
  • Why do you always side with the rich against the rest of us?
  • Why do you not care about your constituents?
  • Why do you look so much like a turtle?
  • Why do you still live in the Highlands?
  • Why do you hate Obama and America?
  • Do you like your new job?
  • Who do you work for?

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Anthony Weiner: Not Really Sure…

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The news cycle, for the last two weeks, has surrounded N.Y. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and his junk.

Everyone on the right is upset and calling for his resignation. (Typical.)

But some Democrats are calling for him to resign as well.

I’m not really sure where I stand on the subject. I do feel that Weiner is one of the best Congressmen out there, but I do feel that he screwed up.

If I were in his shoes, and I’m thankful that I’m not, I would conduct a poll to the likely Democrat voters in my district.

Only then, if the voters of his district felt he should resign, would I suggest that he do so.

It’s sad because Weiner is one of the best Congressman we’ve got and it’s a shame that he screwed up.

Below are a few videos that show Weiner telling it the way it is.


“It’s a shame! If you believe this is a bad idea, to provide health care, then vote no. But don’t give me the cowardly view.”

“Perhaps if this were the rules, that the Republicans had to follow, it’s a much thinner book and it rhymes, maybe you’d get it right.”

“I’m glad the Republican party said ‘enough of Click and Clack.'”

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